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Up is Down! Down is Up! Prop 30 Backers Go Down the Rabbit Hole



    Prop 30's backers have reached the tipping point: they've repeated their nonsensical talking points so long that they have gone down the rabbit hole into a Wonderland of Total Illogic.

    Prop 30 is Gov. Brown's temporary tax measure. its backers say the measure protects schools -- and it protects schools because budget trigger cuts, which the backers themselves would put in place, would force $6 billion in immediate reductions to schools.

    Prop 30's backers -- who, to repeat, are threatening $6 billion in school cuts -- are attacking Prop 38 and its main sponsor, wealthy civil rights lawyer Molly Munger, for pursuing her measure and demanding she stand down. Munger, the Prop 30 backers say, is a threat to schools because her measure, which seeks to increase school funding for 12 years by raising income taxes, could lead to the defeat of Prop 30.


    It's OK if you don't. So let's boil it down. According to backers of Prop 30:

    If you threaten to cut schools by $6 billion, you are protecting schools.

    If you propose to raise taxes to injections billions into the schools, you are threatening schools -- not to mention democracy and the future of California.

    That this is the central political debate in California speaks volumes about just how confused political elites, media and voters are. And why we need a much simpler constituion and a rational budget system.

    (Hat tip to my California Crackup co-author Mark Paul, whose post inspired this one).

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