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Belt Talks About Big-League Struggles



    A lot of folks want to know what happened with Brandon Belt at the major-league level. Or, maybe, a lot of folks know that he simply looked in over his head with the Giants, and want to know how he's handling the demotion to Triple-A Fresno.

    Well, based on his statistics so far, he's handling it quite well, having posted a .389/.514/.593 line (he'd have the fifth-highest average in the Pacific Coast League if he were at-bat eligible) with two home runs, 13 RBI and 16 walks in just 17 games. In other words, he's exhibiting the patience he showed with the Giants while also flashing the power that was lacking when he was sent down.

    It's also nice to hear that Belt knows he's getting back on the right track:

    He'll be back with the big-league club at some point. It just doesn't make any sense for him to spend the entire season smashing pitchers at Fresno while the Giants struggle to score runs at the level (MLB) that matters most.

    But right now, there's not a whole lot of room for Belt -- the club's already got Aubrey Huff at first and, thanks to the recent activation of Andres Torres and Mark DeRosa, six outfielders.

    If he keeps up his torrid pace at Fresno, though, it won't matter, because the team will have to find somewhere to play him.