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Apple Blossom Days 'Round Sebastopol



    SEBASTOPOL SPRING: When the booths full of windchimes and crocheted purses start appearing along main thoroughfares, and stages are erected, and people get outfitted in their parading finery, you can officially circle April on your calendar (but really, not before then). Spring is especially pretty 'round Sebastopol parts -- we're not saying the city owns the season, but let's say they can lay claim to a lot of spring pleasures without too much argument -- and the Apple Blossom Festival and Parade is a large part of that.

    65TH YEAR: The festival has been around for a few years. Certainly not as long as apple blossoms have been blossoming, but any party that's had a 65 year arc, and an arc that's has nature at its heart, is applause-worthy. The 2011 dates are Saturday, April 16 and Sunday, April 17. Lots of bands will band it up, including Fishbear, pictured above. And there will be arts, crafts, parading, hobnobbing, eating, arts, crafts, parading... you get the picture. Someone, please, pretty please, dress as a giant apple blossom. We always want to see a festival's namesake wandering around, taking photos with people. Want? Expect.

    SIDE NOTE: The parade will be on Saturday the 16th; the festival festivals it up all weekend long.