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Butterfly Garden: Russian River Rose Splendor

Wander among buds that attract the flutterby contigent, at the Russian River Rose Company.



    Butterfly Garden: Russian River Rose Splendor
    Lori Palicka
    Spend a butterfly-beautiful day out near Healdsburg on Sept. 9 or 10.

    A SEPTEMBER GARDEN... can feel a little "in-between-y," in the sense that the fecundity and lusciousness of summer is giving way to fall's wind-down, foliage-fabulous, chillier charms. There are still shrubs to shape and bulbs, vegetables, and roses to plant and trees to tend, and those delightful denizens of the garden? They're, of course, still fluttering around, too (disproving any theories that summery butterflies and hummingbirds high-tail it out of town once the autumn equinox is in view). In fact, you can see this very vivacious sight at the Russian River Rose Company over the second weekend in September, and if you visit the Healdsburg-sweet destination to pick up gardening tips, or you visit just to get out and enjoy some sunshine, well, both plans are solid. The dates of the...

    "BECKONING BUTTERFLIES, BIRDS & BEES... to the Garden" gathering are Saturday, Sept. 9 and Sunday, Sept. 10. The recommended donation? It's two bucks, and you'll learn much, including how to get all of those fluttery wonders to call upon your own pretty plot. Speaking of pretty plots, the rosy gem boasts "...a collection of 650 varieties of antique and modern roses," and the vineyards of Dry Creek Valley are nearby, adding alfresco allure. In short? It's a sublime September Saturday and/or Sunday outing, if you want to connect with nature, the sky, scent, and celebrated garden inhabitants, but know it isn't quite time for fall foliage drives just yet. Keep in mind, too, that the Russian Tea & Fragrance Festival is coming up at the garden on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, 2017, before the quieter days of wintertime in the garden arrive.