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Foamy Finale for the Mendo Whale Fests



    FACT: Three of anything is usually better than just one or two (and yes, all you wisecracking wags out there, we know things like parking tickets or pimples are better when they're fewer). But when it comes to a string of thematic festivals, three is a great number. And that happens to be the number of springtime whale-watching festivals held in Mendocino County every year. We're sadly swimming up to the final whale-y weekend of 2011, however, which is happening in Fort Bragg on Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20.

    BUT... We won't be sad for long. Because the Bragg bash'll have plenty of whale-watchery, yes, but also a whole chowder thing and made-with-love microbrews to sip and a Whale Walk/Run. (Don't call the Head Office of Marine Science all in a tither; whales will not be participating in the walk/run, because that would be called a Whale Swim.) And yes, Fort Bragg's toot-tooting, track-based pride and joy is now running daily. See you at Northspur, when we're not down watching the water for spouts and such.