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Half Moon Bay Food & Wine Fare



    YES. PUMPKINS. We know. Right now in Half Moon Bay it is all about a particularly orb-like, particularly orange, particularly gourd-good superstar that summons people from near and far. We know that the middle of October is all about the world-famous Pumpkin Festival 'round a certain town, and that just about everyone rightly has jack-o'-lanternia on the brain (we support). But. If you go, and you get to thinking, "hey, self" -- we're assuming you go by "self" with yourself -- "I need to get to Half Moon Bay more often" then here is your next opportunity. And it is soon. And it involves libations and edibles, so hooray for that. It's the Half Moon Bay Food & Wine Fare, and it is coming up on Saturday, Nov. 5.

    FAVORITE PART? Besides that the party is in Half Moon Bay? And besides that it focuses on the pleasures of the plate and glass? And besides that it happens on the first Saturday in November, which is one of the year's loveliest and calmest Saturdays, being just after Halloween but before the rush of the holidays? It's free. Free to get in, we'll add, but that's pretty rare at a lot of foodie fests. Bites'll start at five bucks a pop and go up to twenty and wine'll start around two or three dollars and head up from there. So you're in control of what you spend. Now. Get to Half Moon Bay, get your pumpkin love on, and make plans to head back for some food and vino goodness in just a few weeks.