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Napa Riverfront's First Chalk Festival

Summer might be nigh if the artists are creating sidewalk art.



    SPRINGTIME ARTS: Napa Valley's Arts in April iniative is not faraway from its half-century birthday (that's happening in 2018). It's longevity is due to many factors, but count the fact that visitors and locals alike naturally associate one of the planet's prettiest areas -- let's just speak frankly here -- with the fine arts. It's hard to walk in a winery or a restaurant or a garden without coming across some excellent sculptures or paintings created by local residents. And Arts in April, the Arts Council Napa Valley's month-long push spotlighting a plethora of happenings and shows and exhibits around the the area, has always celebrated that. But the long-running arts extravaganza is about to get a first-time entry, at least for Napa's Riverfront, which is a good thing; art can be about tradition but it is also about trying new things. Although this new thing also has a long history on sidewalks and pavements across the planet. It's a chalk festival, and artists are set to gather and kneel, with chalk in hand, on Sunday, April 21.

    ACTUALLY... If you want to see the whole process, get to the Napa Riverfront on Saturday, April 20 when artist Amy Gallaher Hall begins to outline her work. It's a biggin', too, as many chalk artworks are -- 9 feet by 12 feet. A number of local Napa artists are set to join Ms. Hall during the fest, but you'll want to skip the Saturday and head for the riverfront on April 21 to see the completed artworks. Your kids can also visit a special children's chalk area for ten bucks.

    The city intends to keep the chalk artworks on display through the following Saturday -- April 27 -- if the weather allows.

    Game for more Arts in April action? There's quite a bit on the roster beyond the chalk fest.