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North Lake Tahoe: Summer Kick-Off

Grab that paddleboard and head out for an alpine adventure.



    North Lake Tahoe: Summer Kick-Off
    Corey Rich/Aurora Photos
    How will you commune with the supernaturally spectacular waters of North Lake Tahoe this summer? There's a whole gamut, from stand up paddleboarding to cruises.

    MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, while not technically nor on-the-calendar-ly a part of summertime, serves as the start of the summer season in many corners of California. One of those corners happens to rock some spectacular shoreline, and an abundance of wildflowers and trees, and the bluest of agua, and it goes by a handle known to all: North Lake Tahoe. Sure, the crystalline waters are ever-present throughout the year, snow or sunshine, but when the end of May arrives, so do people wanting to play upon what's famously known as our country's second deepest lake. To discover all of your "On the Water" tips and to-dos before arriving at the alpine-amazing destination, best peruse North Lake Tahoe's helpful water-lovin' page. It's a roster that includes a number of aquatic pursuits, the kind of pursuits that visitors do love to participate in when the summer season settles in for a few months. Of course, 

    KAYAKING MADE THE LOVELY LIST, and stand up paddleboarding, and watercraft rentals, and, look up, in the sky, it's parasailing. There's also information about the area marinas, and if letting someone else steer is your preference? Seek out an on-the-lake cruise (the Tahoe Gal, complete with a full galley and outdoor seating, is a common and welcome sight out on the lake). How will you interact with the water? Surely "safely" is your first answer, but then where to go from there: Dip your feet in at Kings Beach? Try your hand (and arms and legs) at some classic paddleboarding of the standing-up assortment? Or will you kick back with a brew on a look-around cruise? North Lake Tahoe has declared that it is H2O time, so find your way onto the waves. There are tempting choices, lake lovers. May you make your summer 2017 pick as smoothly as a paddle dips into the cool, wet drink.