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SacJazz 2011



    BRASSY BEVY: When a festival has been around for nearly four decades, it tends to expand rather than contract. But in all the best ways, usually; organizers look at what's working and continue to build on that. The Sacramento Jazz Festival & Jubilee is marking year 38 in 2011, which means it has time to get big. How big? One look at the schedule will assure any smooth-sounds aficionado who likes a lot of choice. There are not one, and not two, but several gigs going on around Old Sacramento and the Convention Center at any one time. So, choices. That'll really be the only hard part.

    MORNING GROOVES: And the party is starting early, too; there are shows lined up for 10 a.m. on Sunday, May 29. And in the Old Sac area at 1 p.m.? A full dozen acts will be performing at various locales during the hour. Get details on who is where and when; this is a fest when you really will want that schedule close at hand.