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San Jose Taco Festival

Variety, spice, and solid prices are the hallmarks.



    THAT ONE WORD: When a food event is going to go down we need a few things like the wheres and whens and hows and what cuisine is being served up and what the parking situation will be and what the public transportation situation will be and what the cost to get in will be and if there's a dress code. (Wouldn't it be hilarious if the classic weekend food festival came with a dress code? Ascots and dresses? We bet that would up attendance, for realz, if done cleverly. You're welcome, food festival planners.) But sometimes a single word is all we need to get on board. For us the word "taco" is way, way up our own single-word list. We see it and we're like, okay, we're there. We saw the word in relation to San Jose, and we saw the date of Saturday, April 14, and then we were like, fine, we'll look up all the other information, because obviously this thing is happening for us.

    SAN JOSE TACO FESTIVAL: It's billed as "the largest taco event in Northern California" meaning a cavalcade of most excellent taco purveyors will be convening at History Park to purvey their taco wares. The names you'll see? Architects Kitchen and Seoul on Wheels and Louisiana Territory and and and and. And lots, and lots of variety of taco-age, too. If you want your classics you'll get 'em, but if there's someone doing a mango ice cream Nutella sweet taco deal, we would not even raise an eyebrow. We will, however, say that each pocket of delicious goodness will be priced around two bucks, or so say the organizers. We believe them, because anyone who puts together a whole taco party is good people, in our book.