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Summer Sleepovers Ahead at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Close your eyes near the crustaceans, at the Cannery Row landmark.



    Summer Sleepovers Ahead at Monterey Bay Aquarium
    Monterey Bay Aquarium
    Enjoy an overnight stay at the famous aquatic destination over certain nights during the summer of 2018.

    SUMMERTIME, as a happy rule, is perfectly perfect for many pursuits. Being near the water? That's a big ol' check, for many people looking to relax, and to learn about the ocean, make an effort to make their way down to the waves when the weather grows warmer. Staying awake a little later? True, we do sometimes do that in the summer, even years after we've finished school. How about sleepovers? Another classic of the mid-year, when we have more time and room to plan getaways of a sleep-bag-ian nature (or, yes, we create that time and room, if we don't naturally come by it). How, though, to find the wonderful ocean, the joy of staying up a little late, and a sleepover, all in one fishful, crab-tastic, world-famous spot? You only need to look to Cannery Row, and the...

    MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM, which is again holding a series of come-stay-the-night events. These family-cute sleepovers are popping up in July and August and very early September — or swimming through July and August and very early September, if you prefer to stay in theme — and they're popular, so booking your spot, sooner than later, as in far sooner than sooner, even, is essential. The first date is July 7, the final date is Sept. 1, and there are three more Saturdays between the start and finish to choose from. There are a number of packing musts, like pajamas (you'll want to wear your favorites, the ones covered in cartoon seahorses), a mattress pad, a sleeping bag, and "personal care items." Oh, yes, and a pillow, too, which ocean denizens don't require when they snooze, but many humans are rather fond of resting their head on a fluffy rectangle.

    TO EYE ALL OF THE THINGS... the aquarium will provide, click. It's $125 per person, and "fun activities" are included. Will you dream damp dreams of turtles and otters and sardines? Will they dream of you, since you'll be in the building? Ponder those notions as you sign up, as fast as a shark moves through H2O, here. And, no: You don't need to actually wear pajamas covered in seahorses, if you don't own such an outfit. But if you do have octopus-awesome pjs, you know what to do.