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The Wines of Monterey County



    MONTEREY MERLOTS: We've said it before, and surely others have said it before us, and more eloquently, too: If you want to get to know the foods or beverages of an area that's adjacent to the area you live in, keep tabs on a day when several of those things will get rounded-up into one easy-to-visit spot. (We're also fans of getting a little lost and ending up at this winery and that, but let's just say we have several theories that jostle each other for psychic space.) Such a day is ahead in Monterey, when the 19th Annual Winemakers' Celebration sets out the row of pretty glasses at The Barnyard in Carmel.

    DATE AND DETAILS: All the numbers you want to know are about to follow: Over 40 winemakers will be pouring (so look for the varieties of sips to number in the two hundreds or so). The hours are 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 13. And an advance ticket is $30. The people oversee the making of the wine you're trying will be on hand to talk mouthfeel and bouquet and other nice things to talk about. Figure when you leave you'll have a good grasp on a lot of the area offerings, so when you do return to get a little lost and end up at this vineyard or that, you just may recognize a label or two.