Reopening California

Visitors, Residents Pack San Francisco Streets Ahead of California's Reopening

San Francisco’s $8 billion annual tourism economy decimated in 2020, when the city looked like a ghost town for months.

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In just two days, California is set to unmask this pandemic in a big way as nearly every COVID-19 restriction is lifted and the state reopens.

So, what’s the anticipation like on this final weekend?

In San Francisco on Sunday, it already feels very open especially down on Fisherman’s Wharf with a very big segment of San Francisco’s economy which is tourism.

There have been huge lines forming for ferry cruises to Alcatraz at this terminal and others.

Parking lots were full, and money was dropping in the cans of the city’s sidewalk performers all weekend.

All across the city of San Francisco this weekend, people were out in big numbers enjoying the weather and the freedom of a city that’s 80% vaccinated.

“I’ve got to do a song about San Francisco. You know what I’m talking about,” said Les Edwins.

A lot to celebrate in the City by the Bay, especially on Fisherman’s Wharf, where believe it or not, there were very long lines again for many of the biggest attractions.

“We weren’t really prepared for it this weekend to be honest. It’s been busier than we thought, but it’s been nice. It’s a good bounce back for sure,” said Zack Hill of Red & White Fleet.

Red and White Fleet sold out on Alcatraz cruises and filling the rest of its boats with walk-up visitors.

“Most of our people are from like Sacramento, Bakersfield, Central Valley Area,” said Hill.

San Francisco’s $8 billion annual tourism economy decimated in 2020, when the city looked like a ghost town for months.

Now, iconic street performers like the Bay City Breakers and street vendors back making a buck on the Embarcadero sidewalks because their customers are here again.

“It feels very comfortable. Everyone is masking anyway, so it feels very safe,” Bef Flamiano, who was visiting San Francisco from Frisco, Texas.

A mostly vaccinated public that tells us they are ready travel specially to see family in a city that is ready to reopen.

“It’s great, since we’ve been separated to finally come back together and enjoy a family experience,” said Carl Hayes of Los Angeles.

Many people, who are vaccinated also telling us today they’re feeling very liberated from the pandemic’s restraints now that they have their shots.

“I think after 2020 and being cooped up in the house for over a year, it’s going to feel really good to be outside without a mask,” said Wendy Gradek of Belmont.

Many of the vaccinated visitors telling us traveling overseas is next on their post pandemic plans.

Embarcadero businesses also hoping to see more international travelers after the reopening in two days.

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