9-year-old Senior Dog Finds a Home

Natalie Johnson-Robinson and her 4 year old daughter were interested in adopting a furry friend to add to their family. 

Natalie told us she had been keeping an eye on 9 year old senior Chihuahua, Chicken Nugget for weeks and on the night before Clear The Shelters, Nugget appeared in her dream. 

She took that as a sign of fate and on the morning of the 19th, they put their names on Nugget's sign up sheet. Later that day, they took sweet Nugget home and now, Nugget and Natalie's daughter have been inseparable since. 

Natalie tells us, "His little smile online was what kept him on my mind, and now that we have him home, it's as if he has been with us for years." 

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