The Next Big Thing From Korea Isn't KPOP, But Plant-Based Meat Unlimeat

A new, 100% plant-based meat is entering the US market, and it’s unlike anything currently available to consumers. Unlimeat, by Korea based food manufacturing company Zikooin Company, is about to make its San Francisco debut amidst an ever-growing field of plant-based meat companies.

Unlike other plant-based meat, which is found mostly in the form of hamburger patties, Unlimeat comes in the form of thinly sliced fillets. Unlimeat offers much more than meat-realistic taste and texture, it also provides an environmentally-friendly product to conscientious consumers. Created from “ugly produce” that is often discarded, the company spent many years developing and cultivating a sustainable, alternative-meat product.

Recently the company has contracted with several American grocery retail stores, including Super Fresh and Wooltarie USA, which will start selling Unlimeat in 2020. Unlimeat will also be available in the San Francisco Bay Area through pop up shops and will be in stores soon thereafter.

Zikooin Company is kicking off the San Francisco launch January 19th at The Ferry Building with an invite-only soiree that will let attendees get first “bites” of Unlimeat in a variety of dishes from prominent San Francisco chefs including Chef Edwin Bayone III of SF; Sarah Kim Lee, Berkeley Korean Food Curator, and Chef Charles Gall of Executive Chef Events. If you can’t wait to get your mouth on Unlimeat, contact Ellen Hong White at to attend.

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WHEN: Sunday, January 19, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

WHERE: Ferry Building 2nd Floor, Port Commission Hearing Room (PCHR Room), 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco

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