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The Night Journey - Asian Art Museum



    The Night Journey - Asian Art Museum
    Courtesy: Asian Art Museum

    Electricity comes alive in The Night Journey, a mesmerizing light and sound installation by London-based multimedia artist Haroon Mirza.

    This site-specific, immersive artwork arises from the artist's interests in Sufi mysticism, meditation, trance music and other consciousness-altering practices as alternate ways to experience the world.

    The Night Journey is based on an Indian miniature painting in the Asian Art Museum collection. Mirza has converted a pixelated version of this image into a score, or source code, for his custom-built media system.

    Visitors enter a darkened room, where they are surrounded by vintage speakers that "play" the score as electrical sounds - corresponding with colored LED lights.

    WHEN: September 7 - December 9, 2018

    WHERE: Asian Art Museum, San Francisco