Only Half of Latino Voters Know About US Infrastructure Plan: New Data

NBC Universal, Inc.

New data from a San Francisco nonprofit found more than half of California Latinos have heard little to nothing about the bipartisan White House infrastructure plan passed last November.

Only 52% know about the trillion-dollar plan to help the economy and COVID recovery. About 48% know little to nothing, the data shows.

Nonprofit leaders say one reason for the lack of awareness is poor communication with the demographic.

"There’s an enthusiasm gap because there’s a been a lack of outreach," said Christian Arana, vice presdient of policy for the Latino Community Foundation. "This is something that we’ve been advocating for, for many many years now. It seems that too often in American politics Latino voters are seen as an afterthought. But when you look at the state of California, there are over 8 million eligible Latino voters in the state. That’s more Latino voters just in this state than the entire state population of Arizona. So, that just goes to show the immense power the Latino vote has in the state of California."

Of the more than 8 million Latinos registered to vote in California, 63% plan to vote in the midterm elections. But that would be a big drop off from previous years.

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