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    Kendra Wilkinson says you can be a mom and stay sexy too.

    Kendra Wilkinson is proud of her transition from party girl to doting wife and mother, but the bubbly blonde does want to hold on to a piece of her former life by staying "sexy."

    "I'm trying to find myself as a new mom, a new wife, and remain sexy at the same time," Kendra told Access Hollywood's Laura "Dish of Salt" Saltman, at a junket for the third season of the star's self-titled reality show on Wednesday. "I'm not a nun, I'm not a teacher. I'm not like, a goody-goody two shoes. I'm Kendra."

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    The 25-year-old reality star, who married NFL star Hank Baskett in 2008 and gave birth to the couple's son in 2009, said fans will get an inside look at her struggle to find balance between her home life and the spotlight in the upcoming season of "Kendra."

    "It's one thing if you're out every day partying — that just doesn't make sense," Kendra told Laura. "You need balance in your life and that's what this season is all about — finding that balance. It's hard, but I'm 25, and I'm gonna remain myself. I'm gonna remain that fun girl."

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    Being that "fun girl" may include posing for Playboy again – a topic that will be covered in the Season 3 premiere of the Kendra's show.

    "Do I do Playboy or do I not do Playboy?" Kendra asked. "I want to be that sexy mom, but it's like, do I need to do Playboy to be sexy again?"

    The former playmate said having a child has been an incredible blessing, and that the wonderment of motherhood has yet to wear off.

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    "Every day is like Christmas times 100," she told Laura of being a mom. "Every day is something new… I just think like, 'What the hell was I doing before having baby Hank? What was I living for? Just for a drink?' Like, come on!

    "Now I'm fulfilled in every way possible," she added.

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    Season 3 of "Kendra" premieres on November 7 at 10 PM om E!.

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