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Voight: "I've Been Waiting So Long to Hug My Grandchildren"

Thrilled at reconciliation with daughter Angelina Jolie



    Voight: "I've Been Waiting So Long to Hug My Grandchildren"
    Jon Voight is thrilled at being reunited with daughter Angelina Jolie and her kids.

    Jon Voight is still glowing from his long awaited reunion with daughter Angelina Jolie, and his first meeting with his six grandchildren.

    Voight, who met with Jolie and partner Brad Pitt in Venice, told Radaronline that meeting the kids and seeing his daughter, who had been estranged from since 2001, was a joyous experience.

    "It was just wonderful to spend time with Angelina and Brad and the children," Voight said. "I've been waiting so long to hug my grandchildren and it was amazing, they are the most beautiful, loving kids you could imagine and I'm not just saying that because I'm their grandfather, they really are something special.

    "Angelina and Brad are so happy together and they are the most amazing, loving parents I've ever seen. It truly moved me to see how Angie is as a mom, I am so proud of her - she has so much love to give and to share with the children and with Brad."

    Jolie turned her back on Voight after publicly accusing him of cheating on her mother, Marcheline Bertrand. Voight later questioned Jolie's mental stability.

    But Voight, 71, told radaronline the reconciliation has been brewing for a long time, starting with telephone and email contact.

    "Angie and I have been in contact on the phone and by email for some time now," Voight tells RadarOnline.com. "We've been working towards a full reconciliation for a while. Angie had to feel it was the right time to bring me into the lives of her and the kids and after some work she decided the moment had arrived."

    Voight added that hhe hopes to play a big role in the lives of his daughter and her family. "I want to spend as much time with them as possible."