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Text With Tacos: iPhone Update Has Dozens of New Emojis



    Pop your brand-new champagne emoji: A new era of emoticons has arrived with a taco, unicorn, and even a middle finger, all in the newest iPhone update.

    The iOS 9.1 update comes with nearly 200 happy new emojis for your everyday – and not-so everyday –needs, according to Emojipedia.

    Ever wanted to express your views on the dangers of fracking? Now you can with the "oil drum" emoji.

    Do you collect mahogany timepieces from the early 1800s but don't know how to tell your friends? The "mantlepiece clock" lets you break the news with ease.

    Craving Chipotle but stifled as to which of the many Japanese food dishes best represents your Tex-Mex desires? Those are troubles of the past: The handy burrito emoji is here.

    To be honest, this update left plenty more emojis on the table. Here are just a few examples:

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    With the popularity of rapper Drake's hypnotic "Hotline Bling" music video, Apple might think about boarding the Drake train.

    We've got a pizza and a rat but no Pizza Rat

    There are about 30 varieties of hands and phones, so why not merge the two into a selfie smiley? Throw in a selfie stick, too – these are cell phones, after all.

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    There's the missing taco emoji everyone's been talking about, but what about a full set of McDonald's all-day breakfast emojis? Plenty of texters would be loving that.

    There may not be a family that deserves their own set of emoji's more than the Tanners from "Full House." Things getting heated in group chat? Throw out a casual Uncle Jesse and watch texting morale instantly improve.

    And it's a little weird that there isn't a Beyonce-moji by now.

    What's so great about the "Man in Business Suit Levitating" emoji that he's got an emoji and Beyoncé doesn't?

    Speak of the devil, E!'s "The Soup" made "The Emoji Movie" that you need to see.

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