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Sofia Vergara's Latin Roots Take Center Stage on "SNL"

The "Modern Family" actress played up her Latin assets during her "SNL" hosting debut.



    Sofia Vergara's Latin Roots Take Center Stage on "SNL"
    Actress Sofia Vergara played up her South American background during her hosting debut on "Saturday Night Live."

    After a month-long hiatus, “SNL” returned with Sofia Vergara making her hosting debut. The “Modern Family” actress played up her two most notable assets, which she summed up during her monologue:

    “Forgive me if you cannot understand what I say,” Vergara said. “And I will forgive you for staring at my chest the whole night.”

    Vergara’s heavy accent and sex appeal were emphasized during the episode, which saw the Colombian actress playing primarily South American characters, with the exception of a rendition of Fran Drescher during an installment of 'Bein’ Quirky with Zooey Deschanel.'

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    Vergara embraced her accent, claiming it could make anything sound sexy. She was more than happy to demonstrate, saying a few words: gonorrhea, Rick Santorum and New Jersey.

    She continued to milk her accent as a Sex Ed class teacher and as a guest on ‘The Manuel Ortiz Show.’

    Later in the show, the actress was joined by Penelope Cruz, played by Kate McKinnon, for a mock Pantene commercial. The skit had Vergara saying easy, fun words, such as “hair” and “aloe,” while Cruz was forced to enunciate difficult chemical ingredients, like “phytomorphogenesis” and “arteriovenous plexus”

    “SNL” finished the episode with Vergara acting as an in-arena announcer at the “Hunger Games,” who ended up killing everybody.

    As she was wrapping up the show, Vergara didn’t forget to pay homage to her roots once again, shouting “Buenas noches, Colombia!”