12/2: Morrissey and Mustache Movies

Plus, the farmers market mixes fresh produce and good liquor

MORRISSEY MANIA: He was mentioned recently in the oh-so-scandalous menage et trois episode of Gossip Girl, but that doesn't mean he's gone sugary pop star on us. Morrissey ditches the Smiths to perform solo tonight at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland at 8pm. Get tickets here. [7x7]

FRESH FARMED COCKTAILS: What do you get when you combine fresh farmers market produce with master mixologists? The wonder known as the Holiday Farmers Market Cocktail Night. Enjoy Jim Beam Bourbon with delicious combinations of early winter produce. The foodies get schwasted at the Ferry Building Market Place starting at 5:30 p.m. [SF Weekly]

STACHE YOUR DIARY: This month at Mustache Cinema, enjoy Diaries, Notes and Dreams, a selection of "diary films where the camera becomes the pen and the celluloid the paper". Catch these fleeting memories and reminisce about your own sensational diary entries at the El Rio Bar, starting at 7 p.m.

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