A Useful Solar Charger

We're in the middle of a solar charger renaissance, and here's the most versatile example we've seen yet. Plug the Kiwi U-Powered Solar & USB Portable Charger into a USB port, AC outlet, a car accessory outlet or place it in the sun, and its 2000mAh battery starts charging.

The $50 charger comes with 11 tips, letting it charge just about any portable gadget. However, we hear it can't charge the iPad.

We like its magnetic backing, letting you mount it on your car when you're driving. We're wondering if that might be a little dicey at speeds over 100mph. We'll drive slow, and appreciate how this thing aims to please, even offering an LED flashlight on one end. We also like the three solar panels that unfold like a fan, extending the surface area for faster charging than we've experienced with lesser units.

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