Amazon App Market Undercuts Android Market

The Android Market has serious competition. While some may have shrugged off Amazon's attempt at creating a mobile application market, a preview of the Amazon's new creation shows it's competitive not only in content but also in price.

Whether it's the Walmart-ization of the apps market or not, Amazon is offering Android apps a few pennies or dollars cheaper than the Android Market. Its new "Android Appstore" was found by Androidnews, a German website, and showed 48 apps -- some offered at a significant discount from the Android Market. Most notably was Scan2PDF Mobile 2.0 which was offered at $3.99 versus $6.44.

The address where the page was discovered,, is no longer available. This makes it harder to figure out if this was just an error on Amazon's part, or whether it was a mock-up page or a real one. So far, Amazon has been very coy about the launch of the app store other than saying it's "coming soon," but many are guessing a March 22 launch to coincide with the "Angry Birds Rio" launch -- because it's an Amazon Android Appstore exclusive.

Cheaper prices are always good for the consumer, but the price differences are not hugely different -- most are only pennies cheaper. The real difference will be in what games or apps will be made exclusively for Amazon or the Android Market. This could mean a better distribution system, perhaps with content, reviews and real analysis of the apps themselves, rather than users blindly trying obscure apps. That may be what differentiates between a user-friendly market and a dull electronic stall.

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