Atlas Genius on Tour Opening for Animal Kingdom and Silversun Pickups

Atlas Genius will play at Rickshaw Stop in the City this week.

Atlas Genius

"At the heart of everything, honestly, we were taken back by surprise," states Keith of Atlas Genius.

Sometimes all the talent, songs, albums, and public relations cannot overcome what the world has in store for a band.  Some may call it luck, energy, karma, a divine plan.  Whatever idea you adhere to, there's no denying the way of the world has a tendency to makes things happen that a person would not have dreamt or just simply cannot make happen.

In this case, it's three brothers from Australiat.  With only three songs released on their EP, their indie rock band, Atlas Genius, has landed a U.S. tour. The world was in their favor when they were offered to open up for Animal Kingdom and Silversun Pickups.

"We have a great agent," laughs Keith as he explains how they managed to be the opening act for the two bands.  "It happened in the last couple months, as we released out the EP.  We were presented with the chance to do it and offered it." 

Maybe it's luck or a great agent, but the sounds of "Trojans" and "Symptoms" you can rock out with or the catchiness of "Back Seat" you can dance to with more than just a head bop are reasons that prevail all others. 

The truth to that can be seen when they play for larger audiences, as they did at a festival in Columbus, Ohio.  "It's a city we heard of, but have never been to." 

It was a new experience for the band to have the audience singing Atlas Genius lyrics along with them.  It was an experience very different from the cover songs they'd play at venues back home while working on their own material and projects. 

"The goal for us is to make music we like and we'll listen to.  We put out songs that we like, we genuinely like.  Hopefully we connect with people.  If 50 people connected to our song - if ONE person connected to the song, that's success for us."

"It's been a great experience for us.  To be able to meet people at shows, go to cities we've never been to, to see America.  To see America is different than where we are from.  It will inspire our music later on."

It's far from over for Atlas Genius after this tour.  It's just the beginning.  "We will be here for a few months, Australia for a few months - touring back home, and back over here early next year - maybe next summer." 

You don't have to wait until then to see them.  Atlas Genius is playing all around California this month and next.  They'll be opening for Animal Kingdom at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on Wednesday, August 23. 

They will also be at Oakland's Fox Theatre with the Silversun Pickups on September 12.  Check out their website for shows they'll be playing in Sacramento and Davis, too, and for any additional shows they'll be adding to the tour.  

The music and energy of this up and coming young group is a show you really don't want to miss. 

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