Be a Be, Not a Wannabe at Beyond Beads

Beyond Beads is a virtual audition call for all aspiring jewelry designers.

Located on a one-way cross city boulevard lined on both sides with parking meters, Beyond Beads storefront beacons to all who want to express their creativity by mixing and matching gems and jewels.

Natural light shines in from the broad bank of windows so picking and choosing is a breeze. The store is organized and easy to shop.

There is a stack of trays at the entrance with slots labeled by price per item making it convenient to line each spot with items while keeping the overall cost in mind.

The staff is always near to lend a helping hand and assist with a selection dilemma. Beyond Beads is a creative lab for beginning a new sideline without breaking the bank.

The possibilities are endless. You’ll discover boxes of chunky red coral, unusual glossy glass, delicate Swarovski crystals, clusters of fresh water pearls, silver spheres, nuggets of turquoise and shiny onyx disks sitting side by side, table after table. Its all right there at your fingertips just waiting to be created into something unique and wonderful.

This treasure chest of a store, Beyond Beads, stocks all the “trimmings” too  -- wires, clasps, hooks -- most come in a variety of metals from base to sterling and gold.

And, there are reels of chains and leather cording to roll into circles for bracelets and necklaces. Just remember to pick up a tool set for crimping, cutting, looping and voila, you are good to go.

Designing jewelry for yourself, friends and family is a process that requires a mix of imagination, determination and confidence and the end results are simply magic.

Just try it and you’ll see.

Beyond Beads - 1251 Howard St., between 8th and 9th streets, in San Francisco 415-861-1685 and they’re on Yelp.

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