Berkeley Cracks Down on Handicap Placard Violations

Berkeley is getting ready to crack down on drivers who abuse their disabled parking placards.

The Berkeley Patch reports starting Tuesday, the city’s parking enforcement officers will be asking people who park in handicapped spots to show they are legally using the disabled placards and license plates. If a driver cannot offer the proper proof, they could be fined as much as $1,000 and lose the placard.
The new move was prompted by the recent passage of AB 144. It allows parking enforcement officers to enforce laws related to disability placards. In the past, only police officers were allowed to enforce the law.
“It’s an unfortunate truth, but the abuse of disability placards is not unusual in Berkeley,” said Police Chief Michael K. Meehan in a recent news release. “We hope people understand how much of an impact the fraudulent use of placards has on our community, and desire that people choose not to use them illegally.”
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