Big Changes at City's Golf Courses Teed Up

Fore! Or... not. The future of San Francisco's public golf courses hangs in the balance as the city's "Golf Task Force" (yes, it's true, we have a Golf Task Force) has been charged with determining the future of the relatively unsuccessful greens. Local golfing is down 50 percent in the last decade, and the six city-owned courses earned a total of little more than $50k in profits over the last year. At the same time, city playing field usage is up up up. A 2004 city study showed that SF needed double the playing fields to accommodate all the city's soccer players. The golfing greens seem like the obvious place to set up fields and add multi-use park space, but golfers take their shit very seriously. Plus it's hard to let go of profits, no matter how measly. Perhaps that's why the Task Force, charged with making a decision this week, claims they still need time and better intelligence before making a final recommendation.
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