Blonde Redhead Gets Theatrical at Warfield

Rolling onto stage decked out in an all-white garb and toting an oh-so-eerie expressionless mask, Blonde Redhead frontwoman Kazu Makino managed to set the evening's surrealist tone before uttering a single word to the Warfield crowd Friday night. The outfit – along with the industrial-sized fog machine, minimalist stage plot and Fever Ray-style theatrics – proved to be a fitting companion to the indie veterans career spanning set of dream-inducing pop. Opinions over their most recent release and the Warfield's unique aroma aside, the unusually banter-free and theatrical performance certainly did not disappoint those who braved the rainy and unusually frigid San Francisco night to see the band's first local show since mid-2007 – the indie mainstays undoubtedly delivered.

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