Chuy Gomez Returns to Radio

Former KMEL jock appears on new Hot 105.7

Local radio station Latino Mix 105.7 started playing an endless loop of Nelly's "Hot in Herre" on March 14 in a stunt that lasted for three full days, trended nationally on Twitter and made it to the top of Reddit.

The mystery of why this was taking place was revealed at 5 p.m. on March 17, when veteran local radio DJ Jesus "Chuy" Gomez broke the loop to announce the frequency is now Univision's Hot 105.7 FM.

Gomez, who was an on-air personality on KMEL 106.1 for more than 20 years, was suddenly dismissed from the station last August. Now, after remaining at his other longtime gig on local television's daily California Music Channel, he's back on air from 3-7 p.m. with mixed music assistance from DJ Mind Motion, who also worked with him at KMEL. Further DJ slots are being solidified.

Hot 105.7 is close to the dial to 106.1, and both appear to have similar playlists to start. You'll hear Drake and Beyonce, for example, on both stations.

The new station may have an advantage in that it also broadcasts on the 100.7 FM frequency. 105.7 is the stronger signal for the Peninsula and South Bay, while 100.7 should be less staticky for San Francisco and East Bay listeners. You can also listen online or on a mobile device via the Uforia Musica app.

By the way, Nelly himself called Gomez during his first show to congratulate him and the launch of a new outlet for hip-hop and R&B.

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