City to SFPD: Improve “Troubled” Nabe Relations

Unprecedented, sweeping changes may be coming soon to a police department near you. A city commission has recommended big shifts throughout the SFPD to "enhance and integrate community policing." Staffing at local stations will be reorganized based more closely on neighborhood needs in an effort to improve local relations that the commission calls "troubled." The city hasn't ever experienced such reform, but so far there's no signs of a push-back by the SFPD -- Chief Heather Fong says the changes will actually make the department more efficient. Unlike the review process itself, which has been in the works for more than a year and a half, and which spans 313 pages of recommendations. So don't expect any big community-minded changes too quickly -- the city is just "considering" them now. Like they do. Our prediction: More beat cops walking the streets in particularly ravaged nabes.
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