CityPlace Is Headed for the Spotlight, and So Is All That Parking


CityPlace, the seven-story value-retail mall on Mid-Market, is scheduled for its first Planning Commission meeting soon— Dec. 10! According to the SF Business Times developer Urban Realty got busy a few years ago quietly snapping up properties all over the Mid-Market area.

In addition to the CityPlace lots, they're also contemplating building "housing, a theater or both" next to and behind the Warfield Theater. At the moment, they're talking to two other property owners on the block (ahem, David Addington?).

But back to CityPlace: early rumblings reveal a potential death knell in concern over the project's two levels of underground parking. Granted, the total's about a quarter of typical suburban big-box parking, but pedestrian advocates point to nearby Westfield as an example of a zero-parking mall. On the other hand, this is Mid-Market.

Tenderloin advocate Randy Shaw: "The various people who defeated Prop. D are going to be hard-pressed to say they want to kill CityPlace, too, because of the parking. If you oppose this, too, that means you don’t want anything to happen to Market Street."

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