DA Investigator Admits to Driving Drunk, Cover Up Investigated

Former San Jose cop involved with crash

The Santa Clara County District Attorney investigator who slammed her car into two other drivers, is going to jail.

Sandra Woodall agreed to a plea deal with the State Attorney General's office Wednesday.

By pleading guilty to a misdemeanor, she will avoid what could have been a lengthy prison sentence.

Woodall, who is a former San Jose cop, pleaded guilty to the dui charge. She crashed into oncoming cars earlier this year in South San Jose.

Responding officers did not follow the routine of testing her for alcohol. 

Even after family members of some of the victims, and a paramedic, told the officers she seemed drunk, they still did not check, according to reports.

The Attorney General said Woodall will serve 45 days in county jail. She will also have to enter an alcohol treatment program.

Woodall will also have to pay restitution to the victims involved and she will be on probation for three years.

The district attorney's office will not say if Woodall is still on the payroll, or if she has been fired.

As far as the responding officers, sources said a criminal grand jury is looking this week at possible charges against them for the alleged cover up.

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