Dolores Park Playground Fix: Still. Stalled.

After ten years of planning and a neighborhood movement complete with a million-dollar grant for a playground fix, what does Dolores Park have to show for itself? At present, nothing. In all fairness, Friends of Dolores Park, which formed last year in response to the city's unending constipation, is quite ready to move forward with the $1.5 million they've collected from the Mercer Fund. But involved parties now seem to be in a deadlock over how to spend the money— the city wants it used to properly irrigate the playground to prevent its usual flooding, while donors want to use it for above-ground equipment for rugrats and the like. Reason? The city has plumb run out of money for the irrigation work, but promises donors they'll be paid back if they foot the costs for that part of the project up front. Meanwhile, a bond measure passed this year will be sending money toward the Dolores Park playground— but not until October 2009. Hell, what's one more year?
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