Eater Tastings: Modern Tea Shutters, Press Club Opens, Academy of Sciences Awaits

Join us for the week that was at brother site, Eater SF

[Welcome to the Press Club]

1) New Academy of Sciences eateries The Moss Room and Academy Cafe shall feature an "extra-long" aquarium. Yes, we are easily amused.
2) Shuttered: Modern Tea closes for a good cause: teaching kids to cook. Coming soon: Modern Cooks, a non-profit program designed to do just that. Alice approves.
3) Opened: Press Club launches a 9000-square-foot urban tasting room/wine bar/retail wine shop. Extra bonus: 8 wineries, each with their own tasting room.
4) Exercises in Absurdity: North Bay food writer accuses former sandwich-making team members of hijacking her skilllzzz while constructing 146-foot BLT. Minds: boggling.

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