EaterWire: Luna Park Unveils Changes, Jack Falstaff Introduces Sunday Suppers, BART Considers Beverages

THE MISSION—With a new chef (Nick Cobarruvias) settled in, Luna Park has announced a clever late night “Happy Hour (and a Half)” menu that will be in effect on Friday and Saturday nights only from 11pm to 1:30am. Even more intriguing are some of the menu items, which include pork sliders, PBR, discounted apps and—wait for it—Mission Street Dogs (!), which the release describes as "mini hot dogs wrapped in bacon and topped with caramelized onions and peppers." So they're like the real street dogs ... but mini. [EaterWire]

SOMA—More special menu news: later this month, Jack Falstaff will roll out its Sunday Suppers series. Every Sunday, Jonnatan Leiva—who keeps making noise as an already-risen star—will craft a $40 four-course, family-style meal that varies on a weekly basis. The first night is October 21st. [EaterWire]

UNDERGROUND—Those BART coffee wars are still going on. The latest effort to allow coffee on the trains was dealt a blow today, on the basis that it would be too expensive: "... it would cost too much money and result in dirtier trains and stations... The staff report predicts that it would cost $5.4 million a year to police and clean its cars and stations if the agency allowed passengers to bring coffee on trains. Included in that total would be $1.8 million for 12 additional police officers and nearly $1.2 million for 14 additional station cleaners." 12 additional police officers? For coffee? Really?? [CBS]For more stories from Eater SF, go to

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