EaterWire: More Details From Perry's, Bushi-Tei Bistro

EMBARCADERO—We mentioned last week that Perry's on the Embarcadero is slated to open next Monday. The menus—and team—have been finalized. Matthew Nudelman, who has put in time at both the Union Street and Sutter Street locations, is the executive chef. The 20-seat bar will be open from 3pm to close, and included in the 170 seats total are 30 outdoor ones and a pair of 12-seat communals. [EaterWire]

JAPANTOWN—Bushi-Tei has also released a few more details about their upcoming bistro, as well as confirmed some things we already knew. It is indeed going to be called Bushi-Tei Bistro, will have 80 seats (including a wine bar), will incorporate the Bushi-Tei's fusion cuisine on a more casual scale, and for what it's worth, owner Tak Matsuba, says the average per person check will between $30 and $35. Full plywood here; ETA: "winter." [EaterWire]

NAPA—Now that the new Westin, La Toque, and the nearby Oxbow Markets are all on their feet, people are wondering how, if at all, this will influence the town of Napa and the new mega-project (in need of an anchor, FYI): ""Downtown Napa is in better shape for a new project to succeed than most places, he said. “It helps us tremendously to see La Toque be very successful (in the Westin Verasa hotel). It helps us to have Taylor’s Refresher with lines out the door.' Once an anchor restaurant is signed, Semmelmeyer said the other retail pieces would fall into place. He has rejected leases for smaller spaces until he knows what the requirements of the main tenants will be, he said." [NVR]For more stories from Eater SF, go to

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