Fall Tracking: Aurea

With so many new restaurants readying for fall debuts, we're here to keep you updated on the latest on each project, and when you should start thinking about that resy.

Initial Projection: Fall
Current Projection: Mid-October

Nob Hill: Frankly, we can't think of too many restaurants further past their prime than the Stanford Court Hotel's Fournou's Ovens, which is why it's probably a good thing that the Nob Hill classic is calling it quits when Aurea opens this fall in the same hotel. However, we're not entirely sold on the new project, at least yet. Quince vet Jeffrey Surprise is the executive chef, and as this week's press release points out, the slogan at Aurea is that "the majority of produce and meats" will be sourced from within a 50-mile radius. It's not a terrible gimmick by any means—though it is a gimmick, to be sure, and a similar one has worked out rather well for Fish & Farm—but the space itself may be a cause for concern. A peek (see above gallery) reveals a sprawling lobby environment that screams hotel, much like the underwhelming layout at Level Three. Still, the hotel is pumping a lot of money into the project, so we'll take a seat for now, cross our fingers and watch it unfold.
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