Stephen Jackson Ain't No Punk, Pirate

Stephen Jackson gets poked in the eye by a Clipper. Days later, Jackson's eye is still red. Enterprising reporter asks Jackson if he will wear a patch to protect the eye. Jackson makes fun of Rip Hamilton. From Janny Hu of the San Francisco Chronicle:

"No goggles. No, no, no. Never. I'm not going to be like Rip Hamilton, where my nose is broken eight years ago and I still wear a mask," said Jackson, who injured the same eye during the preseason. "The only way I'll wear a patch is if my eye's closed. I'd rather stay with Captain Jack, not Pirate Jack."

Jack isn't the first cat to crack wise at Hamilton's plastic expense. Andrei Kirilenko briefly wore a mask in 2006-07 and noted he received more symapthy from the refs on iffy calls. Naturally, everyone then turned an eye toward Hamilton, who has worn a mask seemingly forever.

But honestly, no player outside of Randy Wittman, Drew Gooden and pre-haircut Adam Morrison would look better than Jack in an eye patch. Forget about the needs of protection and/or sight. This is about style. This is about fulfilling Golden State's destiny.

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