Google Kicks Competing Music Service Out of Android Market

When Google reportedly dropped music service Grooveshark from the Android Market this week, it left many wondering if Google snubbed the music-sharing service because of potential lawsuits or because the competition might hurt its own music service?

Google gave little explanation of why it removed Grooveshark other than saying that it removed applications that violated user policies, CNET said.

Grooveshark is not without controversy. It was kicked out of the Apple App Store last year and faces litigation from record labels. The company also blames the record industry for pressuring Google to drop Grooveshark from the Android Market.

While that could be true, Google is also facing government hearings suggesting it has been helping media pirates infringe on copyright, Wired writes.. At this moment Google has no option but to appear tough on any application or site that even appears like privacy.

However, do I think it bothers the search giant at all that it's gotten rid of an app that could also compete directly with its cloud player? It doesn't.

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