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Google's Cloud Music Player Leaked

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Google's Cloud Music Player Leaked


After much ado was made last week about the debut of Amazon's Cloud Drive, a music service for Android devices, leaked peeks of Android's new cloud music player have surfaced.

The new player was downloaded when a developer version of Android Market allowed someone to download Android Music 3.0, according to Engadget. If it's an accident, it's certainly a case of impeccable timing. Or is it more of a contained leak, possibly by Google itself? 

There doesn't seem to be much a consensus, or that many surprises about Google's new streaming music service. Engadget calls it "almost identical" to the Amazon version, but with a few tweaks that could mean a new camera and desk clock applications. DroidLife says that the app mimicks a version seen on Honeycomb tablets and TechLand says that settings will allow users to hook up to a Google account. The interface also suggests streaming options. No big surprises there. 

So did Google leak this to get everyone's eyes off of Amazon's Android combination-punch? What will a company like Google have to do to take back it's own creation? Whatever it is, consumers are bound to benefit from the heated competition.

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