Has Street Food Gone Too Far?

One foodie worries about the future of San Francisco restaurants

It's getting too hot in the kitchen for the chefs. So a lot of them are getting out. At least that's what one Bay Area magazine is warning.

Along with a plea for San Francisco not to confuse serious chefs on the street (like Joshua Skenes) with the mobile hipster hobbyists in Dolores Park, 7x7 shares a prediction/warning for the future of local dining. The style and arts magazine thinks there will come a day when streetfood makes us yearn for the good old days of chair and silverware.

The reason? It is getting too expensive for young, talented chefs to open real restaurants.

(I)t's getting too damn expensive for young, talented chefs to open brick-and-mortar restaurants in this city. Mark my words—by 2010 our town will be awash with fancy sandwich joints, hot doggeries and pizza joints and we'll all be wishing for a nice white tableclothed spot with real, live servers.

It might be hard to pull that off considering most food carts are still operting via Twitter and the one's the City does want to legitimize aregoing to have to pay a fortune to do so


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