How Did He Survive This SF Fall?

Some autobody shop will be making money off this one....

You don't see this every day.

Imagine coming back to your car after having parked it overnight, and finding a massive hole in your windshield, with a note telling you the car had been in an "incident."

It happened to one unlucky San Francisco man last month.

We just found the photos today.

Someone fell several floors into the front of the vehicle.

The whole thing happened on Fell Street, which of course left bloggers with interesting headlines.

The people who run Trey Blog discovered the vehicle in question on Nov. 19.

Sfist reported on the incident too, and said that the car's damage was the result of a failed suicide attempt.

The best of the pictures can be found at this Trey Blog link. Check out the one that shows the note left by a concerned witness.

It claims that the person who fell from the building had AIDS. "Your vehicle was involved in an incident," it said.

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