Livermore's Pajama-iest Day of the Year

Flannel-up and shop well ahead of Black Friday.

A SEPARATE CALENDAR: Many of us likely have a paper calendar, topped by photographs of kittens or castles or a child's sports team, on the front of the refrigerator. Standard, true-blue, easy-to-use stuff, the calendar helps us keep our dates straight. But the calendar hasn't been invented yet, as far as we know, that offers a supplementary page for November, the page that doesn't show "Nov. 28" but rather "Black Friday" or "Small Business Saturday" rather than Nov. 29. It can be sticky keeping all of the nicknames for the online/brick-and-mortar/large/small shopping days untangled. Which is why, if you're planning a shop day for your city, it's better to leave the weekend after Thanksgiving behind and alight on the Saturday beforehand, a day which hasn't yet been claimed in pop culture (as of this second). Livermore has the right idea, and they're making it a little zingy: Wear your pajamas and shop around Downtown Livermore. Yep, making gift purchases around a downtown could fall under the header of "Small Business Saturday," which is technically that post-Thanksgiving Saturday, but the pajama elements definitely means this offbeat outing, called Earlier Than the Bird, needs its own starring day. And that day shall be...

SATURDAY, NOV. 22: So make sure wallet has a bit of cash and your favorite bunny- or puppy-bedecked flannels are on the clean side, since you'll be parading 'em in public. (Probably should skip the feetie pajamas, though, as they might get a little scuffed after awhile.) "Free giveaways" are promised for pajama wearers, but the dress code isn't merely about acting daffy for a day: A pajama drive for Tri-Valley Have is part of the event, so bring a new pair for kids ages 3 through the teen years.

OH, AND ARE SWEATS PAJAMAS? Nope, not in Livermore and not on Nov. 22. Want to be part of the spirit and nab a gratis goodie? Put on your softest duckie button-up and stringed drawers. With all of the themed shopping days coming at us, it is pretty nice to have one that's very much on the kooky side.

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