Market Street's Extreme Makeover Will Take A While

Following a few stories about the banning or restricting of cars on Market Street — not to mention a pretty high-profile case of the same in New York — Streetsblog digs up some background on the whole thing today.

The idea, which isn't by any means new, came up again only recently over talk of the corridor's regularly scheduled repaving.

Said the director of the Department of Public Works: "If we're going to invest all this money and create all this disruption, we have a great opportunity." We can rebuild it. We have the technology! Er... "We can rip up the street and pave it exactly as it is, or we can come up with something much better." And now they're dipping their toes in, "trying to be the instigator of this process."

Problem is, as Streetsblog sees it, no one in particular's taking leadership on this issue outside of the DPW, and a completed study, if we even get to that point, would be many many months away— sounds like Market Street, Tomorrowland will have to stay a napkin sketch a while longer.

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