MC Hammer Debuts Cooking Channel Series This Weekend

'Holy & Hungry' starts on July 20

Oakland's own MC Hammer is returning to television in a new series — and it's not what you would expect.

The rapper, preacher and entrepreneur stars in Holy & Hungry, a food and faith-themed program premiering on Cooking Channel. Hammer travels around the country meeting chefs who infuse their culinary efforts with guidance from a higher power. The first episode finds Hammer exploring the Carolinas, including a bakery that tithes all of its profits to the community and a seafood market and restaurant operated by a pastor.

This will be Hammer's first return to series television since 2009. That year, A&E ran a reality show called Hammertime that was centered around his family including his wife Stephanie, who loves to cook.

Holy & Hungry premieres on Cooking Channel on July 20.

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