More Votage: South Bay Open-Space Measures Fail: The status quo was soundly preserved…

The status quo was soundly preserved in the South Bay yesterday. Voters in Redwood City defeated two opposing measures that would have both given and taken away local residents' authority over zoning in the area's salt ponds and baylands. This might (or might not) mean new housing developments on nearly 1,500 wetland acres. Depends on how much of the developer's budget has already been sucked up by campaigning: Arizona builder DMB Associates reportedly spent $1.5 million fighting the measure in the last four months. Either way, residents will have no say in the matter... right? Wrong, say local anti-development Friends of Redwood City. "This is just the battle; it's not the war. We'll be back." [SF Gate]For more stories from Curbed SF, go to

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