Nail Polish for Babies

Do young children need nail polish? Piggy Paint thinks so

Since the beginning of sandals season, my "girly" daughter has been asking for her first pedicure.  But because of the harsh solvents and chemicals found in nail polish, I've felt reluctant to indulge her. 

As her birthday rolled around, I was delighted to come across Piggy Paint, a line of nail polishes for kids made of non-toxic ingredients that are "as pure as mud." Piggy Paint is sold in the Bay Area at Baby Shoppe Santa Cruz.

Piggy Paint is an odorless, water-based formulation that dries into a natural resin film.  It comes in 14 colors from light pink to sparkly fuschia, classic red, as well as more unusual (and boy-friendly) shades of green, orange, yellow, blue, silver and black.  The birthday girl's favorite was Forever Fancy, a sparkly bright pink.  Girls Rule! was more purple-y and a hit with some of her pals.

Surprisingly like salon nail polish, Piggy Paints is long-wearing once dry; use two coats for best results.  The company also offers its own remover - it's blended with aloe vera as a moisturizer - although the Paints can be removed with rubbing alcohol, as well.

Want to try some? Head over to the Piggy Paints online store and use coupon code BAY15L for 15% off any website products, even including sale items. Then call up the girlfriends, add some costumes, and get ready for a really fun playdate.  Coupon expires September 30, 2009.

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Chi Huang writes for SFBayStyle.

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