Paying Tribute in LEGO-Land

The commemorative plates, the poems, the tributes. The LEGOs? LEGOLAND in Carlsbad is honoring the inauguration of Barack Obama by doing what it does best -- creating a stirring, you-are-there scene, this one on the Capitol steps, completely out of LEGO bricks. Of course, we're talking about the LEGO-ized Capitol in LEGOLAND, not the real one (although that might be an interesting art project for another day).

What's gone into LEGOLAND's imagining of the all-important ceremony, which takes place -- for real in Washington D.C. -- on Tuesday morning the 20th of January? According to the park, almost 20 model builders helped develop and realize the scene, which includes several of the honored guests expected at the inauguration, including Aretha Franklin, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Yo-Yo Ma, not to mention the principals of the day, including the Obama, Biden and Bush families. The figures are described as being about four inches tall and there are -- hold onto your inauguration-appropriate top hats -- over 1000 of them in all. Impressive. Scratch that. Staggering.

So LEGOLAND, how about doing more newsworthy displays made up of the famous plastic rectangles? We understand these things take time -- lots and lots of time, we imagine -- but what better way to illustrate to the park's young guests what's happening in the headlines? Oh, who are we kidding. Everyone likes to see stuff done up in those colorful little bricks, be they small fry or way past young. Because LEGOs are cool and fun and addictive. Period.

Note that while the inauguration wraps on January 20, the LEGOLAND inaugural scene will be on display through Memorial Day.

One Legoland Drive, Carlsbad

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