Plywood Report: Humphry Slocombe, Chill, More!

Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of the next generation of restaurants and bars to grace our fair city. Notice something on your block? Let us know. Gold stars and a penny for the (really) old guy if you include photos.

1) The Mission: The streak of bad luck in the rear view mirror (hopefully), Humphry Slocombe has made significant progress since we last checked in on 24th and Harrison. As seen from these photos, via a tipster, Jake Godby's gourmet ice cream shop looks to be nearing the post-plywood phase and has a nice little vintage ice cream parlor look to boot. Blue Bottle ice cream is rapidly approaching. [PLYWOOD]

2) Financial District: Speaking of frozen dessert purveyors, Kearny Street's Chill is very, very close. As in, soft opening on Saturday, and if all goes to plan, they'll be open for good starting on Monday. It's got a sleek modern look inside, and looks slightly less generic—both in terms of aesthetics and offerings—than the rest of the froyo pack. Between Post and Sutter. [POST-PLY]

3) Noe Valley: Also close is Contigo. There's new logo magic up on the facade, and the website is up and running, and you can behold the interior in its almost-finished glory. Stay tuned for updates from Emerson. [POST-PLY]

4) Noe Valley Bonus: The NV Blog has it that a full service soup restaurant just got approved for Noe Valley on the ground floor of a residential building, and it's going to be called...Noe Soup: "Request for Conditional Use convert the existing, ground floor office space to a full-service restaurant, totaling approximately 350 square feet (dba “Noe Soup"). Translation: the old BJ Droubi house is getting a restaurant" [PLYWOOD]

5) Western Addition: Several people have been wondering about the project in progress on the corner of Central and Grove, in the old organic coffee shop. We'll kindly refer you to Lady Hopstress for the answer: "The owners of Baker Street Bistro, Jacques Manuera and his wife Claude Belliot, are taking over the space and will be opening Central Parc." It's going to be a French bistro, and from a peek inside, it's not very close. End of the year was the initial estimate. [PLYWOOD] For more stories from Eater SF, go to

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